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Seal Coating


  • Trim grass away from pavement

  • Clean pavement by sweeping and blowing surface with high speed blowers

  • Areas effected by oil, gasoline or armorall will be burned dry and treated so sealer adheres to the pavement.

  • Individual cracks will be filled with crack filler (excludes spider cracks)

  • Apply one coat of sealmaster or nyra coal tar commercial grade sealer

  • Driveway is staked off - cannot be driven on for 24-36 hours

  • All materials used meet or exceed state and federal specifications


  • It is recommended that your driveway be sealed every other year to ensure the longevity and integrity of your driveway.

  • If you have a newly paved driveway, it is recommended you seal your driveway two years in a row to protect your investment, then switch to an every-other-year routine for maintenance.

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