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What is the difference between Blacktoping and Sealcoating?  

Blacktop is the initial investment of your paved driveway. The process of which a paving company layers stones, sand and a hot asphalt. This rolled surface hardens and creates the flat surface you park, play and drive on.


Sealer protects  your investment. Driveway Sealing brushes commercial grade sealer with a strip broom by hand. This method pushes the sealer into the blacktop achieving deep penetration and a longer lasting protection from wear and weather.

How often should my blacktop be sealed and why do it? 

Your upstate NY driveway should be sealed every two years. Weather, oil, gas and oxidation are enemies of your blacktop.

Seal coating extends the life of your blacktop and enhances the look with a it’s nice dark finish. 

What if my driveway has oil stains and cracks? 

Our professionals can apply an oil primer which usually eliminates stains. Cracks are important to have filled right away. Filling and sealing them will prevent the spider cracks that we can not treat.  Asphalt driveways are an investment, our staff hopes to help you get the most for your investment. With our FREE ESTIMATES we can advise you on how to do that. 

How do I prepare for Driveway Sealing, Inc.?

Driveway sealing will notify you of the day your driveway will be sealed. However, keep in mind we seal multiple driveways in a day and each sealcoating project depends greatly on the weather, driveway size and condition. These factors make it difficult to determine our exact time of arrival. 


The only preparation of your driveway needed is to make sure it is clear of cars, basketball hoops, etc. You do not have to be home at the time of service. If you are, please help your children get all they need for summer fun from the garage beforehand. Driveway Sealing, Inc. accepts cash, checks and money orders the day of service or a bill will be left in the amount agreed upon at the time of estimate.

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